Company History
Apr 1991 Our founder, Mr. Yoshimi set up TM Hong Kong as a private trading company in Hong Kong engaged in the trading of raw materials such as adhesive tapes and plastic sheets from Hong Kong to Japan.
1993 The Group identified the trend of the large Japanese corporations shifting their production facilities to the PRC for cost reasons. The Group started to supply to these corporations cost efficient precision accessories sourced from the Hong Kong and PRC manufacturers.
Apr 1996 The Group established TM Shanghai in Jiading Shanghai and started to manufacture precision accessories for the customers used primarily for the production of office equipment.
Jun 2000

The Group acquired a small factory in Dongguan and started to produce metal and plastic frames products used by gamebox entertainment equipment and GPS navigators.

Jul 2000 TM Shanghai diversified its product range to other electrical appliances including microwave ovens and washing machine. The Group set up CD Shanghai in Jiading Shanghai and planned to produce LCD backlight units for colour mobile phones.
Feb 2001 CD Shanghai commenced operation after setting up its first clean room with a GFA of approximately 500 sqm.
Sep 2002 The second clean room of CD Shanghai became fully operational for the production of LCD backlight units.
Oct 2002 The Group established CD Suzhou to replace the small factory in Dongguan for the manufacturing businesses of metal and plastic frames and began to produce precision metal and plastic components for notebook monitors.
Feb 2003 The China Fund, Inc. became a shareholder of the Group.
Apr 2003 The Group established TM Pudong to serve as a material cutting facility primarily for our backlight units business.
Jul 2003 CD Shanghai was further expanded and setup a new factory to cope with the increasing demand for the backlight units for colour mobile phones. New clean room facilities with a GFA measuring about 2,400 sqm was set up and became fully operational immediately.
Oct 2003 TM Hong Kong commenced the trading of flexible printed circuits for their customers.
Apr 2004

The Group set up a clean room in Hong Kong and started to produce the precision accessories for the LCD TVs.

Aug 2004 CD Shanghai started to produce LCD backlight units for the gamebox entertainment equipment.
Dec 2004 CD Suzhou was further expanded to cope with the increasing businesses of the precision metal and plastic frame products.
26 Jan 2005 Shares of the Company was listed on the main board of the Singapore Exchange.
Aug 2005 The Group established TM Dongguan with planned clean room facilities with a GFA measuring about 2,100 sqm for the manufacturing of the LCD backlight units for colour mobile phones and other consumer IT and entertainment equipment.
July 2006 The Group acquired a controlling stake in Japan Tomoike to capitalise on its technical know-how and market intelligence through its extensive business network in Japan.
Jully 2007 CD Suzhou completed the relocation to new factory for further expansion of business.
Sep 2007 The Group completed the acquisition of TM Japan by issuing 18,405,221 new shares as consideration. As a result of the completion, TM Japan became a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group.
Mar 2008 WH Dongguan was established.
Sep 2008 The Group expanded capacity for Office Automation segment and WH Dongguan started production. This Dongguan factory aims to serve customers in Southern China.
2009 The Group managed to consolidate the facilities which reduced the operating costs, substained utilisation and achieved cost efficiency.
Sep 2010

The Group acquired 72% equity interest in SMT Hong Kong, a company specialising in the provision of surface mounting technique services in electronics production assembly.

Jun 2011 SMT Dongguan was established to take up the existing Dongguan contract processing business.
Jul 2011 GCY Shanghai was established to take up the existing printing business of the Group.
Aug 2011 The Group increased equity interest from 72% to 86% in SMT Hong Kong.
31 March 2012 Mr Urano succeeded as Chairman and CEO from our founder, Mr Yoshimi, and formed new board.
Oct 2012 Disposal by CD Suzhou of its factory premises approved at SGM by shareholders.
Jan 2013 The Group acquired 100% equity interest in MT Wuxi.

CD Suzhou terminated business operations and applied for voluntary liquidation.
Jun 2014 The Group increased equity interest from 86% to 100% in SMT Hong Kong. SMT Hong Kong became a wholly-owned subsidiary of TM Hong Kong.
Sep 2014 Guru Guru was established to perform general trading in Hong Kong.
Jan 2015 The Group incorporated Muguruma to enter food and beverage business in Japan.
Jul 2015 The Group acquired 25% equity interest in Suzhou Pengfu to secure a continuous supply of light guide panels which are a key component of LCD Backlight Units.
Sep 2015 The Group set up Zens, a joint venture with 40% equity interest, for developing consumer electronics products.
Mar 2016 The Group set up BJ Cooperation in Bangladesh as the first presence in South East Asia to liaise business.
Apr 2016 Tuo Mao Shanghai and TWB were established to support the development of the Group's food and beverage business.
Aug 2016 The Group accquired intellectual property rights to explore and develop a new biotech business.
Jan 2017 CLS was incorporated in Japan to provide Bio-tech related research and market of healthcare and beauty products.
Jan 2018 The Group acquired 95% equity interest in GSP for research and development of an antibodies library.
Proposed disposal of entire equity interest in Tomoike Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Limited.
ABio was incorporated in Korea for application of biotechnology to research and develop antibodies-related products.
30 Apr 2018 Mr Yoshikawa succeeded as CEO from Mr Urano, and formed new board.
Jun 2019 TM Philippines was incorporated in Philipplines for manufacturing, processing and assembly of printed circuit board, mobile payment device, niche precision components and insulating materials.
Sep 2020 The patent filed by the Group and ABio was awarded for the use of Cripto-1 to suppress the progression of cancer stem cells.
Apr 2022 After acquisition of 23.08% interest in ABio, it became a subsidiary company of the Group.
Jan 2024 Mr. Kato succeeded as CEO from Mr. Yoshikawa, and formed new board.