Our Special Qualities
Clean room facilities
To ensure the high quality standard of our precision components and accessories, most of our production processing are performed in our 10,000 standard clean rooms in our production facilities.
Below is a summary of our existing and planned clean room facilities:
Location GFA in approx. sqm Date of Establishment
Crystal Display Components (Shanghai) Co., Limited 500 November 2000
Tomoike Precision Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Limited 700 March 2001
Crystal Display Components (Shanghai) CO., Limited 1,200 September 2002
Tomoike Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Limited 700 April 2003
Crystal Display Components (Shanghai) Co., Limited 2,400 July 2003
Tomoike Industrial (HK) Limited 300 April 2004
Tomoike Precision Machinery (Dongguan) Co., Limited 2,100 August 2005

Qualified Vendor of a number of world leading brands  

We need to go through a very stringent testing and acceptance procedures as required by some of our customers who are mainly large Japanese corporations including world leading equipment manufacturers and components makers.

It usually takes months to complete the necessary procedures and the bases of evaluation will generally include the followings:

Ref Bases of evaluation Particulars
1 Costing Competitiveness in term of pricing
2 Quality Low tolerance of defective and rejected goods
3 Services Prompt attention and strict adherence to work orders by customers
4 Compliance Law in respect of labour, production safety, discrimination, environment, etc
5 Environment Promote environmental friendly operations
6 Reliability Low tolerance of stoppages, delay orders, etc
7 Connectivity Business connections with suppliers, machinery and tool makers, etc
8 Technology transfer Especially sensitive if involving patented or newly developed technology
9 Confidentiality Risk of leakages of designs and other commercial secrets, etc