Corporate Strategy
Our Mission
CDW - A PRC based manufacturer with Japanese precision
We aim to be the leading global outsourcing partner focusing on the niche precision components for the mobile communication and consumer IT equipment market based on our strengths and strategies as follows:
Our Competitive Strength
  1. Experienced management team
  2. Established track record and quality products and services
  3. Reputable customer base and established customer relationships
  4. Niche precision production capabilities to meet diverse outsourcing requirement of customers
  5. Technical know-how and cost competitiveness
  6. Market responsiveness and scalability of production capabilities
Our Strategy
  1. Identify products and industries with growth potential
  2. Expand product range to meet diverse outsourcing needs of customers
  3. Expand production capacity
  4. Maintaining, strengthening and of diversification of customer base
Our Growth Prospect
  1. Increasing outsourcing trend by Japanese manufacturers
  2. Continued growth in demand for mobile communication equipment
  3. Increasing demand for consumer, information technology and entertainment equipment
  4. Rising consumers' affluence and technological innovation which leads to higher upgrade rates and shorter replacement cycle