General Announcement
Mandatory Cash Dividend/ Distribution
13 September 2016
Announcement Title Mandatory Cash Dividend/ Distribution
Date & Time of Broadcast 13-Sep-2016 18:10:23
Status Replacement
Corporate Action Reference SG160907DVCATGEQ
Submitted By (Co./ Ind. Name) LYNN WAN TIEW LENG
Designation Company Secretary
Dividend/ Distribution Number Not Applicable
Dividend/ Distribution Type Interim
Financial Year End 31/12/2016
Declared Dividend/ Distribution Rate (Per Share/ Unit) USD 0.002

Event Narrative
Narrative Type Narrative Text
Additional Text Notice is hereby given that the Share Transfer Books and the Register of Members of the Company will be closed on 16 September 2016 at 5:00pm. Duly completed registrable transfers received by the Company's Transfer Agent, Boardroom Corporate & Advisory Services Pte Ltd.
Additional Text at 50 Raffles Place, #32-01 Singapore Land Tower, Singapore 048623, up to the close of business at 5.00pm on 16 September 2016 will be registered to determine shareholders' entitlement to the dividend.
Additional Text In respect of ordinary shares in securities accounts with The Central Depository (Pte) Limited ("CDP"), the dividend will be paid by the Company to CDP which will, in turn, distribute the dividend to holders of the securities accuonts.
Additional Text The dividend which will be paid to shareholders on 23 September 2016, shall be paid in Singapore currency based on the actual exchange rate of approximately USD1.00: SGD1.3435 fixed on 9 September 2016.

Event Dates
Record Date and Time 16/09/2016 17:00:00
Ex Date 14/09/2016

Dividend Details
Payment Type Tax Exempted (1-tier)
Gross Rate (Per Share) SGD 0.002687
Net Rate (Per Share) SGD 0.002687
Pay Date 23/09/2016
Currency Pair USD/SGD
Issuer Declared Exchange Rate 1.3435
Gross Rate Status Actual Rate
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