General Announcement
Report of Persons Occupying Managerial Positions Who Are Related To A Director, CEO or Substantial Shareholder
22 February 2010
Announcement is submitted by Tan San-Ju
Designation Company Secretary
Date & Time of Broadcast 22-Feb-2010 17:13:27
Announcement No. 00074
For the Financial Year Ended 31-12-2009
Name Mr. Akira Sakai
Age 54
Family relationship with any director, CEO and/or substantial shareholder Brother-in-law of Mr. Kunikazu Yoshimi
Current position and duties, and the year the position was first held

1. Head of Human Resources of the Group (2005)
2. Director of Tomoike Industrial Co., Limited (2006)
3. Director of Tomoike Precision Machinery (Dongguan) Co., Limited ("Dongguan Tomoike")

Details of changes in duties and position held, if any, during the year Appointment as Director of Dongguan Tomoike with effect from 3 August 2009