General Announcement
Query Regarding Trading Activity
30 March 2006
Name of Announcer Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited
Company Registration No. 197300970D
Announcement submitted on behalf of Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited
Announcement is submitted with respect to 00110

30 March 2006

Date & Time of Broadcast CDW Holding Limited
Announcement is submitted by Elsie Chua
Designation Vice President
Date & Time of Broadcast 30-Mar-2006 15:50:02
Announcement No. 00035
Description 30 March 2006

Mr. Edward Lai Shi Long
CDW Holding Limited
Units 1617 to 1621, 16th Floor
Tower II Grand Central Plaza
138 Sha Tin Rural Committee Road
Shatin, New Territories
Hong Kong

Dear Sir


We have noted, and draw your attention to, a substantial increase in the trading volume of your shares today. To ensure a fair and orderly market, please answer each of the following:

Question 1:
Are you aware of any information not previously announced concerning you (the issuer), your subsidiaries or associated companies which, if known, might explain the trading?
- If yes, the information must be announced immediately.

Question 2:
Are you aware of any other possible explanation for the trading?

Question 3:
Can you confirm your compliance with the listing rules and, in particular, listing rule 703?

Please respond immediately via SGXNET. Where appropriate, you may want to request a trading halt or a suspension of trading. Please contact Market Control (or, if you need to discuss the matter, your Account Manager in Issuer Regulation) immediately. Thank you for your cooperation.

We have released this letter via SGXNET.

Yours faithfully



1. Subject to limited exceptions in rule 703, an issuer must announce any information known to the issuer concerning it or any of its subsidiaries or associated companies which is necessary to avoid the establishment of a false market in the issuer's securities, or would be likely to materially affect the price or value of its securities must be publicly disclosed (rule 703).
2. An issuer must undertake a review to determine the causes of any unusual trading activity (paragraph 20 of Appendix 7.1).
3. An announcement should, among other things, state whether the issuer or any of its directors are aware of the reasons for the unusual trading activity and whether there is any material information which has not been publicly disclosed (paragraph 31 of Appendix 7.1).
4. Your responsibility under listing rules is not confined to, or necessarily satisfied by, answering the questions in this letter.